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American Capital

European Capital Completes Initial Public Offering

Bethesda-based American Capital Strategies Ltd. announced that its affiliate, European Capital Ltd., completed an initial public offering of its ordinary shares. The shares are traded on the London Stock Exchange?s main market for listed securities under the symbol ECAS. European Capital is a closed-end investment company for pan-European equity, mezzanine and senior debt investments.

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Man in a Hurry

Rapid-fire buyout artist Malon Wilkus acquires dozens of piker businesses at startling speed--and posts some nice returns.

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Four Stocks Fool Smart Money

Scratch an intellectual on the trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange, and under that Brooks Brothers shirt you'll usually find the hair of a bear. This is because smart people excel at criticism. They love the sound of skepticism, nitpicking and naysaying. While the unwashed masses on Main Street prefer good cheer, the ursine mossbacks on Wall Street prefer a Bronx cheer.

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